Your mobile dispenser for wine, cocktails and more

ViniGrandi x MicroMatic x KeyKeg present:
The AirBar FlexiDraft™

The Airbar is a functional, innovative dispensing system based on the reliability of an airplane trolley that has been tried and tested a thousand times over. The robust aluminum construction and the high degree of mobility guarantee maximum flexibility.

The compact design makes it possible to accommodate a full-fledged, ultra-modern dispensing system in the smallest of spaces. AirBar users will love the ease of use, while you'll love the extra revenue. The kegs and even the CO2 bottles can be exchanged in a very short time. A 20l KeyKeg fits perfectly in the Airbar.

The KeyKeg system is the answer to the growing demand for wines by the glass. Bar and restaurant operators as well as end consumers prefer a wide selection of drinks. KeyKegs make it easy to pour more drinks on tap - without compromising on quality or shelf life. As a winemaker, drinks distributor, bar or restaurant operator, you not only generate greater sales potential, but also achieve enormous savings in transport and storage costs. A 20 liter KeyKeg (disposable) replaces 26 wine bottles! The "empties store" and the lengthy and costly cleaning of steel kegs are finally a thing of the past.

The concept of the KeyKeg system takes into account the effects on the environment as much as possible. The lightweight KeyKeg containers are 100% recyclable. Key components of KeyKegs are already made from 100% recycled plastic. With their compact design, KeyKegs take up 25-30% less transport capacity than steel kegs. This means that fewer transports are required and empty containers do not have to be returned. You can save up to 65% of your transport costs in total and this also reduces your CO2 emissions.

Wherever people appreciate the great taste of freshly tapped drinks: exhibitions, weddings, fairs, restaurant terraces, beer gardens, Beaches, discotheques, public events where glassware is not allowed, the AirBar together with the Keykeg is not far away.

We offer the following items:


  • Prosecco Frizzante Key Keg 20L
  • Vino Bianco Key Keg 20L
  • Vino Rosso Key Keg 20L
  • Pinot Grigio Friuli DOP Key Keg 20L
  • Sauvignon Blanc Key Keg 20L
  • Chardonnay Key Keg 20L
  • Cabernet Key Keg 20L
  • Merlot Key Keg 20L
  • Sangiovese IGP Key Keg 20L
  • Rosato Frizzante Cuvee Key Keg 20L


  • Spritz Veneziano Cocktail Key Keg 20L
  • Americano Cocktail Key Keg 20L
  • Hugo Cocktail Key Keg 20L

Of course, any other drinks can be served, so we'll have them soon also beer and cider in the range.

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